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It offers relaxation
Squash is above all good for your body and mind. It is a sport in which you can relax for a while, despite the fact that you are exercising. Moving reduces the stress level in your body. That’s why after a busy (working) day it’s great to take all your worries away from you on the track for a while. You will notice that after a few weeks you will feel fitter than ever.

Quality Squash Stores is an international squash webshop.

It is the healthiest sport
Healthy eating and regular exercise are the perfect combination for a fit body. By exercising regularly (intensively) your muscle power and condition will improve by leaps and bounds. Squash is one of the most intensive sports with which you can build up a very strong condition. It also has the reputation of being one of the most healthy sports in the world, because you train your entire body with a high intensity. Your arms, abdomen, back muscles and legs become stronger. In addition, you develop your agility by sprinting, walking, jumping and bending, squash improves cardiovascular health and is an excellent training for your hand-eye coordination and your ability to concentrate.

Intensive sports squash
This racket game is played in a closed space, where you are constantly moving. Because you get a lot of exercise, you burn an awful lot of calories. Squash helps you to maintain a healthy weight. This is perhaps the biggest advantage. In one hour you can burn around 1,000 calories!

Starting to play squash
Are you convinced and do you want to start playing squash? Then I have a few squash tips for you for an ideal start. As a starting squash player, the ball can sometimes fly around your ears. Don’t be deterred by this and keep going. With the tips below you will learn how to play better squash quickly,

Quality Squash Stores is an international squash webshop.

Always keep an eye on the ball. If you lose sight of the ball, you are always late.
Bounce the ball in one of the four corners. Your opponent must then move on and it is more difficult to hit a good ball through the walls.
Go back to the “t” immediately after you hit the ball. This is the middle of the court.

Squash is a fun and intensive indoor sport. If you are going to play squash, you will have a lot of stuff with you. Your sportswear of course, but also your shoes, squash balls, shower gear, your racket(s), maybe an extra griplinth and so on. A sports bag is ideal to take all your stuff with you. A good squash bag is even better. A squashtas is not just a luxury. It is very functional and actually indispensable. In short, a squashtas is a must for every active squash player! Why is this so important? I’ll explain it to you in this article!

The squashtas
For a sport like squash, where you have to bring a racket, a good fitting bag is recommended. A squash bag is an important part of your squash equipment. Not only does it easily transport your belongings, but it also offers protection to your squash racquets. A good squash bag will help you maintain your racket(s) and other gear.

Protection of your squash racket(s)
Squashtas and supplies
A squash racket is very sensitive to weather influences such as low and high temperatures. The string of a racket can dry out and snap faster. Many squash bags are equipped with a thermal lining to protect the materials against these influences. In this way, the tension remains optimal.

In an ordinary sports bag a racket usually does not fit in its entirety and the handle of the squahsracket often protrudes. This makes your racket a lot less protected, such as against rainwater. You’ll notice this when you’re playing squash. As a result, the grip on the rink can no longer absorb moisture. The handle of your racket is also much more vulnerable when it protrudes. If other bags or stuff are put on top of or against it, there can be a break in your racket. In addition, large temperature fluctuations are also not desirable. Did you know that the grip and the string of your racket can dry out due to high temperatures? Chances are that your racket has little or no grip after that and the racket loses its control and power.

All these negative consequences can be remedied with a good squash bag. The thermolayer in a squash bag counteracts the temperature fluctuations and the size of these bags is large enough to be able to store a squash racket in its entirety. This will protect your racket much better and it will last longer.

Better for your squash shoes
A good bag is also recommended for your shoes. A professional squash bag is equipped with ventilation so that all your squash gear, including your shoes, can evaporate after exercise. By playing squash intensively, your shoes get wet. If your shoes don’t evaporate, they stay wet and that is detrimental to the line of your squash shoes. The result is that your shoes need to be replaced sooner.