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All safety regulations in place with a blister packing machine

Do you want certainty that when you have a blister packing machine developed, that it will adhere to all guidelines and regulations in place in your industry? Then you should put your trust in the experts from GTE-engineering, a Dutch company that is specialized in the development and implementation of packaging machinery. Whether you would like a blister packing machine or a complete production line, these experts know from extensive experience what you need in order to have the best turnover. They know everything there is to know about the regulations and guidelines per market, both on a safety and legal level.

How does a blister packing machine work?

A blister packing machine is an indispensable machine in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. The blisters are small cavities where therapeutics can be stored in a hygienic, sterile environment. Thanks to the cavities, it is possible to uphold quality standards, even when one of the therapeutics is administered to a patient or end-user. The seal is thermically closed so there can be no pollution of air, dust, or other solutions. Did you know that safety measurements are also an important marketing instrument in markets such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices? When your products adhere to legal and safety regulations, you can simply distribute your products to every user without hesitation. They will see your guidelines adherence as an indicator of excellent quality.

Schedule an appointment for your project

If you want to receive more information on the implementation of a bespoke blister packing machine, do no wait any longer do contact the experts from GTE-engineering! They are more than happy to discuss the wishes for your project. Schedule an appointment by calling the head office or send an email to the administration. You can find this contact information on the website, where you can also browse through multiple implemented projects.