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Different types of pumps

There are a lot of pumps nowadays, you can notice the grow in the amount of different types in the market. You can make a schedule of the pump and the different types, beginning with the separation of the different kinds. The separation begins with the dynamic- and the positive displacement pump. The dynamic pump is to distinguish in the centrifugal pump and the pump with a special effect. The positive displacement pump is reciprocating pump and the Rotary pump. We will explain the working of the dynamic and the positive displacement pumps below.

The dynamic pumps are: the centrifugal pump, vertical centrifugal pump. horizontal, centrifugal pump, the submersible pump and the fire hydrant system. The positive displacement pumps are the piston pump, lobe pump, peristaltic pump, gear pump and the diaphragm pump. You can see how many different types of pumps there are. We will explain the working of two dynamic pumps and one positive displacement pumps.

The fire hydrant pump system is an dynamic pump system. Another name for this pump is the fire water pump. This pumps are made for high pressure water, which is pumped with firefighting capacity. The pump system can be used as a water transfer system and as a irrigation application. The submersible pump is also a dynamic pump. Another name for this pump is the stormwater pump or the septic pump. This pump is widely used as a building services, but also as a commercial, industrial and re-use applications.

A gear pump is not a dynamic pump, but a positive displacement pump. The pump is constantly pumping a constant amount of water or other fluid to each revolution. The gears are coming in and out of the system. The gear pumps are able to pump the water or fluids at a really high pressure. Buy your lifting station or your grundfos water pump now!