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Efficient travel and transport with a double deck trailer

Are you transporting goods by truck? Then you might have some issues with the loading capacity of a traditional trailer. Seeing as there is only one floor, your options to stack are limited. What if you were able to use an extra floor to place more of your products and therefore double the loading capacity of each truck that you send on the road? That is what Blankers Transport is offering you. This company specializes in the double deck trailer and offers it to a variety of companies. Many exporters or importers can benefit from this innovative but simple solution and spare their expenses on trailers and transport.

A company where your needs are the priority

To ensure a better transport of your goods, Blankers Transport likes to take a look at the full scope of your company. By doing this they can identify certain steps you could take to make the loading onto the double deck trailer go more smoothly. The fleet is equipped with a hydraulic lift, which enables you to double and triple stack. You will notice that more of your goods and products will fit in a single trailer, allowing you to spare money in hiring or buying multiple traditional trailers. Compressed goods will also make them safely and tightly packed, preventing them from causing or getting damaged along the way.

Contact the company for more information

The excellent services of Blankers Transport have caused a lot of companies to contact them and ask them for the options that are available. With sharp prices and a service that is available all across Europe, anyone can use their expertise and excellent products. So whether you want a double deck trailer or another solution they provide, it is always best to contact them and explain the situation you are in. With that information, they will be able to provide a tailored solution.