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Lack of space in your warehouse? Try this!

Having a single floor warehouse with high ceilings can feel like you have a lot of opportunities to fill the space optimally. But in reality, that space can fill up really quickly no matter how well you organize things. Thanks to how popular online stores have become, there are a lot more products being developed, stored, and then sold. The space in the warehouse becomes scarcer because of this and it becomes too difficult to store the number of products that are being demanded. 

When this happens the normal course of action would be to move to a bigger warehouse. I mean why wouldn’t it be, the space in the warehouse has been exhausted by all means and there is no other way you can create space…or is there? Moving to another warehouse is very expensive so it should be the ultimate last resort. But before that, there are many different things you can try to create some space. Here are two great ideas.

Rearrange the product organization

Like the game Tetris, you can fit a lot of different sized products perfectly if you take the time to figure out how to do so. Not only can better organization creates space you didn’t realize was there before, but it can make the way of working in the warehouse a lot more well structured and effective. By using the ABC method to rearrange the products in the space you can optimally use the space you have. The products with the most sales go in the space that is easiest to get to and the products that aren’t being sold can be placed in the space that is hardest to get to. After a while, if there are still a lot of the products that aren’t being sold you know to get rid of those to make more space.

Install a mezzanine floor

If reorganizing and rearranging everything has already been done and there is still an issue with lack of space, then we suggest getting mezzanine floors installed in the warehouse. If you are unfamiliar with mezzanine floors, they are an ‘artificial’ floor that can be installed in your warehouse to create another floor for extra space. With an extra floor, you can have more surface area for storage or you can even include office space if you so wish. If there is a time when you actually don’t need the extra space you can also take the mezzanine floor down and go back to the way it was, and whenever it is needed again, you can put it back up.