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Order vintage clothing available for wholesale from the catalogue

Would you like to order vintage clothing that is available for wholesale? Take a look at the product catalogue from Brasco b.v. and select your favourite items out of over 300 different categories of clothes. You will surely be able to find the items you are looking for in this catalogue, so, feel free to take a look right away. You will find items from various decades in time, ranging from the 70s to the 90s and from punk to clothes from popular brands. So, you will surely find everything that your customers are looking for in the online store of Brasco b.v. You do not have to worry about the quality of the items they offer, as all of the items are thoroughly checked for stains and holes. Any item that does not match the strict demands regarding quality does not make it through and does not end up in the catalogue. Discover what items match your style and order them right away from this online store.

Find unique items that are no longer produced

One of the advantages of shopping vintage clothing for wholesale is the fact that you might be able to find unique items that are no longer being produced. You could think of a popular shoe from years ago or beautiful pants or shirts that are hard to find in modern stores. The experts at Brasco b.v. offer these items at a reasonable price point, to enable you to showcase and sell them in your store. Your customers will surely appreciate the wide range of unique clothes that these experts have to offer.

Enjoy worldwide shipping

Are you interested in the vintage clothing available for wholesale that these experts offer? Place your order right away, as they offer worldwide shipping. Would you like to know more about the rates first? Feel free to request a pricelist.