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Recommended Maritime Attractions In Gdynia And How To Find Them

A taxi service in Poland can take you to many different places. One place popular with tourists is the Harbour at Gydnia. This is a major port of Poland that bustles year-round with activity. In addition to being a major seaport, it is also a major shipbuilding location as well as the home of two of Poland’s world-renowned maritime museums, the Dar Pomorza and the Blyskawica. Both of these shipyard museums hold a piece of Poland’s history that helped to shape Poland into the country it is today.

The Dar Pomorza

Meaning the “Gift of Pomerania”, the Dar Pomorza started out as a training ship built by maritime students in Hamburg, Germany in 1909. Although she was always used as a training vessel, she travelled abroad and changed hands numerous times before coming to rest on the shores of Gdynia.

Bought for the then pricey, but reasonable, sum of 7,000 pounds sterling in 1929, she was used to replace another, worn barge that had been used for training as well. This is when she acquired her name, Dar Pomorza, “Gift of Pomerania” because she had been purchased by the Pomeranian Nation Fleet Committed. She was blessed on June 13th of that same year, and served faithfully for the next 51 years as a training vessel.

After being retired as a training vessel she was given to the Polish Maritime Museum where she remains today, captivating all those who visit her decks. The easiest mode of transportation to this maritime attraction is via a taxi service. Poland is proud of her maritime history, and it shows in this well-preserved and stunning example of Poland’s maritime history. This attraction is well worth the financial investment in a taxi service. Poland has many attractions but none quite as intriguing as this one.


This is another maritime attraction easily accessible by a taxi service. Poland has had numerous vessels in its fleet, but none that has had the prestigious honor bestowed on it like the Blyskawica has. Having served in the Polish Navy during World War II, the Blyskawica has two distinct honors to her name. She is the only ship in the Polish Navy to have ever received the distinguished honor of being awarded the Virtuti Militari, Poland’s highest military decoration for heroism and courage during wartime. She is also the oldest preserved destroyer vessel in the world.

Getting There

One of the best ways to access these attractions is to travel to them via a reliable Poland taxi service. Taxi service in Poland is a safe way to travel, and is much safer for tourists who do not know their way around. Not only are taxi services safer, but they offer the freedom to spend as much time as you like at each attraction and to visit stops along the way freely, rather than having to adhere to a rigid tour schedule. For these attractions and more, you will want that safety and freedom.

Visitors from all over the world have visited the harbour of Gdynia via a taxi service. Poland is a remarkable place and these two ships are a magnificent example of that. Preserved as one of Poland’s most notable maritime vessels, this maritime museum is a notable and memorable piece of Poland’s maritime history. You can end the day with a lovely dinner at GARD. This is a scandinavian restaurant in Gdynia. This restaurant in Gdynia is the perfect place for a quick taste of scandinavia and you can stay the night in the courtyard hotel.