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What is a barred tee and do you need one?

A barred tee is a type of fitting used in pipe engeneering. Its predominant use is to allow a pig or other maintenance system to pass through the pipe branch safely. The tee’s bar plates prevent the pig from flowing into a branch pipe, which could clog up the pipeline. This allows for smoother and safer maintenance operations. PipingMarket.eu offers these special pipe fittings in their webshop. They have a large variety of different sizes available, so you are certain to find the right barred tee for your project there.

Use cunifer pipes for your offshore projects

Are you planning a project that requires an offshore or maritime piping system? PipingMarket.eu offers cunifer pipes and fittings that are suitable for your project. Cunifer is a copper, nickel and iron alloy that is durable and resistant to corrosion. It can therefore be used in a sea water environment without the risk of the pipeline corroding. However, there is more to the strength of cunifer than its resistance to corrosion. Cunifer also has anti-fouling properties which prevent algae and micro-organisms from attaching and growing on its surface. This makes cunifer a popular choice in maritime pipelines. Are you unsure if your project requires cunifer pipes? PipingMarket.eu can offer you the type of insight that you would expect from an expert in the industry.

Consult the product data provided by an expert

If you are unsure whether your piping project requires the use of a barred tee or cunifer alloy pipes, consult an expert on the subject. The PipingMarket.eu website provides relevant data to all of their listed products. Their experts are always willing to assist you with any topics that you might have underlying questions about. They can advise you on which products are suitable for you project and which are not.